On Sunday 20, September Dutch soccer club Vitesse shall play its game against De Graafschap on an upgraded, hybrid pitch, where the organic grass has been beefed up with man-made fibres in a weaved backing. The players together with trainers are excited about XtraGrass™, where they are so far training at their exercising center, Papendal, in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The trademarked XtraGrass™ was designed by fabric technology firm TenCate and supplied by its subsidiary GreenFields. For this technique the organic grass grows in a – partially biodegradable – backing made up of woven clumps of artificial fibres. This allows the pure grass to get stronger, much better in order to be played on for a longer time: that is, about 800 to 900 hours per year, rather than 200 to 250 hours for a regular organic grass soccer field. Numerous Dutch novice clubs already are playing in this hybrid playing surface. XtraGrass™ already has been fitted in at the Ricoh Stadium, Kassam Stadium in England plus it is likewise found in nations like Germany, Japan, the United States, Australia and also New Zealand as well as in Scandinavia. Other than football, this hybrid soccer field is also put to use in other sporting activities played on organic grass, for example, rugby.

Vitesse’s Fast Match

Head trainer Peter Bosz of Vitesse remarked that they have got their own style of playing and that this is made better by an excellent pitch. He also said that the GelreDome pitch was not good at all and that the club banked on their investment in the new pitch to experience an optimal sports outcome. The Club’s Captain, Guram Kashia, was so excited about the pitch and said it|perfectly fit their style of soccer. He described it as a fast and level pitch which goes well with what their football is all about; it entails holding on the ball and keeping the game as quick as can be. The captain further said he likes playing on a quick paced pitch as the ball movement is quicker thereby making the game be very fast which encourages tackling. He finished by praising the pitch by saying it is very suitable for their football.

The Finest of 2 Worlds

Ton Raaphorst, director of TenCate Grass together with GreenFields, says: “With XtraGrass™ GreenFields together with TenCate provide a healthy, sustainable, and also dependable real grass soccer field that incorporates the finest of two worlds. As per reliable sources, this is not only for Dutch professional teams but also teams in the Premier League, the Bundesliga as well as other international leagues that need to switch to XtraGrass™.” In Germany, 1. FC Köln now has got XtraGrass™ on its training field.

Eredivisie club Vitesse has long been exercising for many weeks on the hybrid grass pitch, after their training field at the training center at Papendal close to Arnhem was sown with grass seed at the start of June. In the meantime the integrated grass sods for the field in GelreDome were maturing in the nursery at Limburg in the southern part of the Netherlands; they were delivered in Arnhem by trucks in big rolls about 10 days back while here they got placed at the stadium with the use of special devices.

XtraGrass™ meets strict prerequisites. The artificial fibers are not detectable in the organic grass since they are below the ground level, thus, cannot be seen except if the natural grass on portions of the pitch gets worn away. In winter season as well the field stays significantly playable, is also green, level and steady plus has remarkable drainage.