Technical specialists from the Synthetic Turf Sector came together to talk, scrutinize and eventually develop best standards and methods for synthetic turf over time.

ESTO hosted the conference, and it attracted some bright minds in the plastic sector. For instance, the representation came from FIFA, CEN, Europe Football Associations, and heads of the various professional working sects of ESTO, and also the ESTO Technical Committee.

Nigel Fletcher, ESTO’s Executive Chair said that this was one of a kind with ESTO’s duty as the co-ordinator and facilitator of networking and connections in the plastic industry, the football organizations so as to bring heads together for a meeting. He added that the meeting was crucial for the betterment of synthetic industry standards for the next generations. That the meeting was to ensure that help is found for the communities, clubs and the players at every level.

The massive attendance by various football associations shows the crucial part played by ESTO in the educational as well as the well-being of football growth while at the same time bridging between the sector, governing authorities as well as FIFA, UEFA. The topics for discussion revolved around Yarns, Construction, Player Injury, Recycling, Strengthened turf and Toxicology.