Back to the 5th of July, last year was inaugurated the Bravida Arena, situated in Gothenburg, Sweden on the Hisingen Island. The Bravida Arena currently is the Allsvenskan (Swedish Premier League) club BK Häcken’s official home ground and was inaugurated with a win (3-2) for the hosting team versus Helsingborg.

The Bravida Arena carries a sitting capacity of 6500 spectators and also features a man-made turf, meaning it can be utilized any time during the year, even during the chilly winters in Sweden. The stadium’s construction has been done on the site of BK Häcken’s older stadium, Rambergsvallen, which was demolished in the year 2013 to make way for the club’s new stadium.

With their brand new stadium featuring a synthetic turf pitch, BK Häcken is now making the most of football in a modern facility and on FIFA-certified “Pro Quality” ground. Because of this, even and consistent football play features are made possible for the footballers who can now enjoy a pitch that is resistant all year to unfavorable climate and weather. Ball roll and bounce are maximum thanks to the artificial fibers of the pitch as well as player comfort all thanks the state-of-the-art quality shock pads that it features.

BK Häcken thus became the 10th (out of 16) Swedish leading tier team to play on artificial turf. Undeniably, such surface became with time the utmost adequate to Scandinavian football, which can be subject to rough winters as well as cold weather conditions that push playing surfaces to their end limits.